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KIRK® Wireless Solutions includes a range of wireless
servers for:

  • Small
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large businesses and enterprises

Wireless Servers

  Our wide range of handsets provide specialized and valuable functionalities to users in many different vertical markets & for your every need – from the basic handset to the ruggedized, full-featured, and application-enabled handset.  
  Wireless Handsets  

Our workplace portfolio of wireless telephony solutions allow on-site mobile employees to roam freely throughout the workplace while delivering continuously reliable and available voice and data communications. These solutions interoperate with a customer's existing Voice over IP (VoIP) or time-division multiplexing (TDM) call control system, providing business-grade telephone functionality to a wireless device.

Unlike cellular phones, two-way radio or paging systems, workplace wireless systems provide ubiquitous on-site coverage and support a full range of call control functions. Incoming calls are directed to the appropriate handset then make use of standard telephony features such as forward, transfer, conference and hold to process calls as needed. For outgoing calls, individuals can easily connect with co-workers on-site or to off-site locations, making effective use of existing wire line billing plans and/or VoIP infrastructures.

DECT Technology
The KIRK Wireless solutions are built on the international DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard and are compatible with most enterprise communication systems through either an analog or IP interface.

Open Standards
All KIRK Wireless Servers run on open standards and support third-party applications. This enables you to customize your KIRK Wireless Server solution to your business’ exact wireless telephony needs.

Future-proof Choice
The KIRK Wireless Servers are scalable add-on SIP solutions to which infrastructure elements can be added as your business grows. This ensures that your solution always matches your wireless needs. The KIRK Wireless Servers are compatible with all KIRK Handsets, which allows you to mix the entire KIRK Handset Portfolio in your solution. Thus, you can differentiate between the telephony needs of all employees within your organization.

System Integration with Messenger, Fusion & other systems
Workplace wireless systems integrate with other on-premises applications, such as our Commtech Wireless Messenger & Fusion Range or forducts as well as your nurse call systems, location-based services, and voice recognition systems to streamline everyday business processes. By combining customers' existing investments in wire line infrastructure and with the power of workplace mobility, businesses of all sizes realize enhanced worker productivity and deliver improved levels of service to their customers.

Customized Mobility
As all KIRK DECT handsets are compatible, it is possible to combine several models in one wireless system. Thus, you can differentiate between the wireless telephony needs of all employees, and ensure that everyone has a handset that meets and fulfills their specific needs and requirements.

Business Benefits
The KIRK DECT handsets improve productivity as employees have immediate access to the information they need - when and where they need it. This makes them able to better perform their tasks. Yet, the wireless handsets will also improve your staffs mobility and responsiveness as everybody can be reached at all times anywhere on the organizational premises.

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